Kaitlin Hargreaves

Branding, Website
About This Project

Kaitlin was looking for a brand, website, and marketing materials to showcase her talent as one of Vancouver’s best make-up artists. One of Kaitlin’s other impressive talents is that she’s a beautiful watercolour artist! So we used this to our advantage when creating her logo, and she painted the watercolour swoosh herself!

When it came to Kaitlin’s brand, it was important that her personality shone through, and I think we nailed it through the strong typeface, bold neutral colour palette, and edgy mood board! We then created three different logo versions, a primary logo, text logo, and a “K” icon. These are perfect for Kaitlin to use in various settings, and gives her options that all tie in to her branding!

We’re still in the midst of creating Kaitlin’s new website and marketing materials, so stay tuned!


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