The Vanity Lab

Danielle Connor - Website Design
Marketing Assets, Website
Postcards, Thrive Package, Website Design
About This Project

The Vanity Lab was looking for a new website to inform their audience, convert users into clients, and increase sales. First things first, we reviewed their current site to address key challenges and opportunities.

We set out to improve the site architecture, create hierarchy on pages, and add call-to-actions to keep users moving. We also emphasized the shop section, by linking suggested products on each skin condition page. These are only a few of the key updates that led to The Vanity Lab’s new, modern, and engaging website.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Erin from Sparkle Media on this project, as well as Karly from Influence Media who worked her SEO magic!

Be sure to check out The Vanity Lab’s full website!


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